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Become A Partner

We are trying to copy texts entered in Business partner(Account) to the transactions (Activity , Lead & Opportunity) by text detrmination procedure with access sequence.But it is copying from the Business partner.

Maximum points would be rewarded for the right solution for this problem

partnership is a term describing a joint venture between brands, broadcasters, publishers and producers to create original audio visual programming across any media platform. Stakeholders in the project co-finance and share the exploitation rights to that content and its intellectual property.

Most commercial content partnerships are now being applied to Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) where brands directly fund TV shows. These new partnerships allow advertisers to gain web exploitation rights without having to fully fund the creation of original programming.

Changes in UK product placement legislation in March 2017 will also allow advertisers to co-fund television content that features their brands within the editorial of the show.

Some recent examples of content partnerships:


NorthWest Logistics
(West Bengal)
Hope Logistics
New India Logistics
(New Delhi)
Vishkarma Transport
Sunny Roadways
Rana Logistics


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